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On November 1, 2001, Continental Airlines started twenty weekly charter flights from the United States to Cuba, using Boeing 737 aircraft, with flights originating primarily from Miami, one of the U.S. approved gateway cities for travel to and from Cuba. The other U.S. cities with direct flights to Cuba are Los Angeles and New York city.

The charters are operated by Gulfstream International Airlines and the Continental Connection. Only people with permission from the United States government may legally take the charter flights. It is essential to know what the law is regarding legal visits to Cuba.

It's estimated that more than 182,000 Americans visited Cuba in 2000, and almost as many again in 2001, despite the travel ban that allows only U.S. citizens who have obtained Specific Licenses or General Licenses to legally travel, or those citizens who are "Fully Hosted", which then allows those Americans to spend money in Cuba legally without violating The Law. A visit to our law opinion site may give you some ideas here.

For general guidelines regarding Cuban Travel Visas  please visit this link. Current general flight carrier information is listed below.

American Eagle Various charter flights from Miami to Havana and Santiago de Cuba Contact individually
Continental Connection Various charter flights from Miami to Havana, Cienfuegos and Camaguey Contact individually
United Airlines Charter flights from Miami to Havana by Gulfstream, Marazul, ABC, Wilson, XAEL, and C&T/MIC Contact individually
Cubana Air Flights from Montreal, Toronto, Nassau and Cancun to Havana www.cubana.cu
Air Jamaica Flights from Montego Bay (MBJ) & Kingston to Havana www.airjamaica.com
Air Transat Flights from Vancouver, BC., Halifax, Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto to Havana www.airtransat.com
Lacsa Flights from San Jose, Costa Rica, Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto and Montreal to Havana www.grupotaca.com
Mexicana (Aerocaribe) Flights from Tiajuana, Mexico City, and Cancun to Havana www.mexicana.com.mx
Royal Airlines Flights from Montreal, Ottowa, and Toronto to Havana www.royalairlines.com

Americans visiting Cuba without licenses should know that U.S. immigrations forms for returning travelers ask what countries they have visited. If an Immigration or U.S.Customs officer asks you directly if you have visited Cuba note that it is a federal offense to not tell the truth, at which point you may receive a lecture, citation, close scrutiny, or whatever the dictates are, including monetary fines. However, it is in no way a scary or intimidating procedure as long as you have not tried to bring back any illegal contraband.

At this point several informative Cuba travel guides will be extremely helpful to you for further insight and perspective on your trip to Cuba. Besides the revolving selection of books below (they change every time you refresh this page), our Reference Library has dozens of great suggestions for books and information about Cuba. Please visit here next.

There are several travel agents existing online today that can assist in making legal travel arrangements for you to visit Cuba, helping to determine if you qualify for a General License, Specific License, or Fully Hosted Travel. A few of the more notable travel companies are listed below.


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